Mundipharma becomes "Official Healthcare Product Partner" of Yokohama F. Marinos



ISODINE® logo to be on game shirts
Activities in Japan to support youth to "realize their dreams"

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Yokohama F. Marinos signed Mundipharma as the Official Healthcare Product Partner, and the ISODINE® brand logo will be on the lower back of uniform from the match against Shimizu S-Pulse on Saturday July 29th.

With this partnership, Mundipharma will now sponsor two of City Football Group's football clubs. Mundipharma has been the Official Healthcare Product Partner of Premier League Manchester City since September 2016. Mundipharma has a history of over 60 years in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals business, but this is the first time that it is partnering with two football clubs.

At the media event that took place to commemorate the new partnership,

Yokohama F. Marinos President Koichiro Furukawa, said

It is our pleasure to welcome Mundipharma as a partner of Yokohama F. Marinos. This is the encouraging support for us, heading into the second half of the season. On a separate note, I look forward to working together with Mundipharma on our activities utilizing their expertise as the Official Healthcare Product Partner.
Lastly, Mundipharma's profile as a truly global company brings tremendous value to our club as globalization is one of the key themes for us on and off the pitch.

Mundipharma CEO Raman Singh, said

We are delighted to extend our partnership with Manchester City to Japan and its sister club, Yokohama F. Marinos. Football is the people’s game and the shared excitement the game generates is the perfect platform to communicate the benefits of a people-focused product like BETADINE®.

Mundipharma K. K. President Shosuke Kimura said

Our culture is about entrepreneurial spirit and passion to continue challenge to fulfill unmet medical needs. It is our great pleasure to partner with Yokohama F. Marinos that also continue their challenge in football to work together to support all youth to realize their dreams. There are decisive moments in life such as important games, tests, etc. that effects your life. We want to support people in those moments to perform their best.

With ISODINE®,the infection care brand, Mundipharma K. K. plans to collaborate with Yokohama F. Marinos to offer not only practical knowledge on injury treatment in sports scenes and infectious care in daily lives, but provide opportunities to develop strength both physically and mentally to help young people to perform their best to fulfill their dreams.


About Mundipharma K. K.

Mundipharma KK was established in 1991 as an IAC of Mundipharma that is in over 120 countries worldwide. In Japan it focuses on three areas "Oncology," "Pain," and "Consumer Healthcare" to improve the quality of life of patients.
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