Enlightenment Activities for Prevention of Discriminatory Provocation Act Recurrence



Having a discriminatory provocation act in the match, Yokohama F. Marinos V Kawasaki Frontale, 21st, J. League Division 1, 23rd August 2014, Yokohama F. Marinos is making efforts to work enlightenment activities for prevention recurrence with a key message “FAIR PLAY, FAIR SUPPORT”.


Never accept discrimination, provocation, and harassment actions.
"Do your actions and messages encourage the team?"
Respect all the plays, attitudes, and voices.
Let's make a safe and comfortable stadium together.

Yokohama F. Marinos is going to move towards the safest and the most comfortable stadium in Japan. There are a lot of challenges for this fulfillment. For all those who come to the stadium being a safe and comfortable, we are promoting movement of activity in order to exterminate discrimination, provocation, and harassment actions. This approach is the first step to archive this. Please understand and cooperate with the activities.

Announcement at the stadium

All matches from the first round of the Nabisco Cup Quarter Finals on Wednesday 3rd September, we are providing information of enlightenment activities with the large screen of the stadium. Also, we will install boards and posters at entrances and concourses to alert fans these activities.

Furthermore, before warming-up (around 18:30) in the Nabisco Cup Quarter Finals on Wednesday 3rd September, our all players and staffs will display a banner which notices a key message and will conduct enlightenment activities. Besides, Kaetsu, CEO of Yokohama F. Marinos, will request all fans with explanation about these activities.

To conduct human rights' seminar

We are constantly promoting enlightenment activities to the fans who want to take a human right’s seminar.

Player's Video Comments