Sanction by the League and Preventive Measures against Recurrences of the Discriminatory Provocation



“Discriminatory Provocation” was happened by one fan of Yokohama F. Marinos in the Match, Yokohama F. Marinos V Kawasaki Frontale (19:00 KO) At Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium, 21st, J. League Division 1, 23rd August 2014.

As a club of J. League, we keenly feel responsible about such a discriminatory provocative act having occurred in the Yokohama F. Marinos operated match although we should be status to contribute to interchange in the global community and the friendship through sports. And, we deeply apologize to all players, their family, and other concerned of Kawasaki Frontale who have felt demeaned and discomfort.

First, we announce about contents of sanction imposed by J. League which it adopted at 13:00 today (Friday, 29th August 2014).

  • 1. Reprimand (Written apology and Caution over future)
  • 2. Fine: 5 million yen

Plus, receiving this sanction, we also announce that the Chief Executive Officer Akira Kaetsu has decided to return 20% of his salary for next two months.

Second, we report about the fact of discriminatory provocative act and punishment further.

A fact of this matter

Saturday, 23rd August 2014, 19:45, A Yokohama F. Marinos fan provoked provocative act to a player of Kawasaki Frontale by waiving a banana.

After that about 20:30, a club staff confirmed the video on the Twitter and started to investigate the person as quick as we could, then the club indentified this person. After match finished, the club asked the person the fact. In the result, the club was able to confirm the truly fact the person waved the banana and provoked, the club quickly reported to an executive committee and club staffs. Additionally, the club reported the Match Commissioner and a operative staff of Kawasaki Frontale.

At 21:40, the club reported to the J. League and discussed future correspondence.

At 22:00, the club repeatability asked the person the background of this matter then decided to ban the person to enter the stadium indefinitely as the severest punishment.

About punishment

With considering well-known fact of discrimination incidences that caused in the international football scenes, the club has no other alternative but to judge that this act was absolutely a serious discrimination. Therefore, the club was designated unofficially in inflicting "the indefiniteness entrance prohibition" that is the severest punishment on Saturday 23rd August. And the club noticed the person on the day concerned. As a result of having discussed it with an opinion as J League in the case of a reporting to the chairman on Monday 25th, this act confirmed that it was a “discriminatory provocative act" and officially established above punishment in that day. Also, the club has fixed expression from “Provocative act” to “Discriminatory provocative act” on the official website.

Third, we explain about recurrence prevention.

Preventive steps

We believe that there are two underlying problems of this incidence. One is lower recognition, consciousness for the discrimination. What becomes the problem in Japan and the world, and no matter the person has intention or not, how is the behavior received by people and they hurt – We think that the problem might recur unless oneself thinks about such a basic and essential problem and corrects these.

Second one is overrunning of the provocative act to be seen routinely. Have purely enjoying the football and supporting to share an impression replaced for an action with self-satisfaction by provoking people? We believe that it is necessary to step into this essential problem.

There are choices to make many prohibited matters and to strengthen a physical monitoring. However, when it is the highest-priority measures to change sense of values and the consciousness in a background, the root of a vicious action, a behavior pattern, we judge it and carry out the policy that we focus on that is the main by enlightenment activity.

On this occasion, the way of thinking to become the nucleus is the policy about the hospitality “TRICOLORE BIBLE” that the club has carried out since 2010. This is the Bible in the club for all people gathering in the stadium to spend safe and comfortable time with common word “Making all the people heart-moved as goal” which sharing not only club staffs but also others Yokohama F. Marinos concerned.

We continue sending it outside the club to have more fans share the same way of policy and want to spread movement of the activity to exterminate discrimination and a provocation, a nuisance in future. We assume the key message "FAIR PLAY, FAIR SUPPORT" and the club will move into action taking advantage of this continuously. The concrete activities are as follows.

  • 1. Announcement on the official website

    We will provide the key message and explanation of the purpose, also provide video messages from the players of Yokohama F. Marinos in order to appeal importance of this activity in the public.

  • 2. Announcement at the stadium

    All matches from the first round of the Nabisco Cup Quarter Finals on Wednesday 3rd September, we will carry out information dispatch for enlightenment activity with the large screen of the stadium one hour before the match starts. Further, we also will install boards and posters at entrances and concourses to alert fans our activities. The club is encouraging fans spontaneously alert others in the stadium to create comfortable atmosphere.

  • 3. To conduct human rights' seminar and to promote transformation

    We will conduct leaders in each fans' group “The Protection of Human Rights' seminar” on Monday 1st September and Tuesday 2nd September.
    In this seminar, fans would learn variable information, knowledge, and needs regarding to protection of human rights, then the club would be willing to give the fans opportunities to declare how to change their behavior in the future.
    After these two days, the club will continues above seminar before four hours in the all home-games in the Nissan Stadium not only in this season but it also in the years come for spreading understanding and movement of this activity.

We will carry out necessary improvement timely while conducting the above-mentioned contents as present activity with following PDCA cycle. We sincerely request for your understanding and support.

Again, we seriously apologize in this time and appreciate for your supporting.

Yokohama F. Marinos