About a provocative act and punishment in the match v Kawasaki Frontale



During the match, 21st Sec of the J. League Division 1 v Kawasaki Frontale, an act of discriminatory provocation by our one fan to a Kawasaki's player was caused.

We express our sincerest apology to all of players, staffs, fans and others concerned of Kawasaki Frontale for infliction and anxiousness. In our stance, we can never accept these types of discriminatory provocations.

The result of having confirmed circumstances to a doer about this incident, following our stance above, we therefore have decided to ban this fan to enter the stadium indefinitely.

For the future correspondence including preventive measures against recurrences, we pursue after discussion with J. League.

Postscript: After reporting to the chairman of the J. League Mitsuru Murai and confirming the matters, it changed a part of contents. (Last edited: 26th August 2014, 18:30)