Yokohama City

  • Yokohama City
  • Yokohama City

Yokohama city is the biggest government-decreed city with a population of more than 3.6 million.
Yokohama is located about 30km-40km off Tokyo. People says Yokohama is the most cosmopolitan city in Japan.

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Yokosuka City

  • Yokosuka City
  • Yokosuka City

Yokosuka city, the international harbor city, is located in the central part of the Miura Peninsula in south-eastern Kanagawa Prefecture and faces Tokyo Bay to the east and Sagami Bay to the west.
Population is approximately 400,000. For outbound access from the City by car, it takes approx.
1 hour to Tokyo International Airport and 1 hour 15 minutes to the central area of Tokyo.

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Yamato City

  • Yamato City
  • Yamato City

Yamato city, is a local city of approximately 230,000 population. Located the center of Kanagawa pref. and surrounded by cities of Yokohama, Sagamihara, Fujisawa, Ebina, Zama, Ayase, and Machida. City limit is stretched slim in the north and south, and few hills ups and downs. It has three railroads within 40km range from Tokyo run north to south and east to west, which takes 20 minutes to Yokohama and to Tokyo in a little less than an hour.

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